Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stroke? or Red Carpet Success?

Kat and I embarked on our first ever Red Carpet. It's a really cool adrenaline rush! I remember hundreds of flashing lights, my mouth hurting from smiling so long (now I know why everyone does that stupid pouting face, just to get a break!) and lots of people screaming "ShortBusBunnies! Over Here! Look This Way!" Sure they didn't know who we were but the second two cute chicks start hugging on the red-carpet, that's news worthy!!!
Now we know. Next time - it's full on lesbian love!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I was coming on here to brag about our awesome friends and our kick-dat-ass music video shoot... and I must say - I'm DAMN PROUD of my biz-naz partna in crime! She beat me to it. Well, she was running and I was walking... on my HANDS!!! :D

The things I'm most boastful of: 1). the amount of really hot girls we had in the shoot. 2). the amount of really hot guys we had in the shoot 3). the fact that we even had really hot crew guys. 4). the roommate of the chic we were borrowing the house of - hot. 5) the three cats living across the street, crazy harem style - super hot.

2 nonconsecutive days of incessant fun and laughter. Having a comedy website in LA while you work another job to pay the bills... it's pretty f'in bad ass. I love everyone. All of our fans. peace. FreshK

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Friends are better than yours!

So Kat and I just recently wrapped up our first music video shoot! It was our biggest production thus far (until one of you loyal fans makes it rain) equipt with a green-screen and like 20 of our talented, hilarious friends! There was one snag - our friends are too hot. We were going for funny and we had to continually remind the saucy masses that they need NOT act sexy - it was SEX-OVERLOAD! and then the oh-so-hot and oh-so-funny boys dropped by to take the video up ten notches! As soon as our editor finishes his philanthropic efforts - we will have it for your viewing pleasure. It will be better than the AbRipper P90x - it's so funny. Seriously.
"HIZZIE" IN THE HOUSE!!! (post-production house)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

May the best Fluffer Win!

My unofficial definition of "Fluffer" is someone who keeps the man excited so that that his interest is peeked for the climatic scene.
In the entertainment business of LA we can use this term more broadly. I had an interview today where I simply told the plain truth and did not try to "sell" myself, and infact was quite modest about what assets I have available that I could bring to the table. Dumb. This business requires that you be a good sales person and braggadocios bravado is KEY! I need to learn to "gild the lilly," as it were, and talk myself up! I have another interview lined up so, although my practice run may have been a bit nieve, I have been listening to 80's Gangsta Rap for the past six hours straight so that I can tell that mutha-f*cka what a fly-bitch I am and then pop my glock(?), slap that pimp in the face and tell him I don't even need his busted-ass!... But I will sign on the dotted line for the right amount of cheddar.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bite Me Karaoke Dude!

Yo - how the hell did you get into our blog, man? I thought your song sucked, by the way - and your anal wasn't all that great either! --kat

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I took Kat in the pooper

I won the Karaoke prize by singing both sides of Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford's "If I Close My Eyes Forever"...there were a lot of mid-thirty's suburbanite judges. They saw my effort and the PURE ROCK flowing through my veins. Fuck Yeah.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The night I got ASS-FUCKED by the Karaoke guy...

Alright. So, guess what part I played this evening? The part of random chic at a private party for work, who gets pissed cuz she can't show off to her full potential. That's not a good role, by the way. That's the kind of person who is uber-annoying... following the karaoke host around like a stalker. That was me.

But I will tell you why it was me & then you won't hate me so much. Normally, I give a shit about karaoke. And, until TODAY, I didn't give a shit about this karaoke night either. But, after getting stoned & really vibing out on Saturday, I found a song I wanted to do... a CLASSIC. The type of song I would never do normally. And I decided I would sing this. Because 1. people would know it and 2. it'd for sure be in the book.

Guess what? It wasn't in the book. Bummer. I asked to be positive - they can download stuff; I mean it's past the nineties. So "assistant boy" tells me that they got it. They got the song - Sah-WEET!!! I pull out my extra tambourines, I rewrote some of the lyrics to be funny. There's a good thirty minutes before I go up... right in the prime time. I'm set. I'm gonna WIN the prize for sure! Two songs before I'm up... douchebag informs me they actually couldn't find the song. uh... WHAT? It's cool if you couldn't get it, but you were basically lying to me for forty minutes? And this whole time I've been prepping people for some amazing show I've planned... and now - that's all DESTROYED??? Needless to say - I'm pissed.

So, I spend too long following around the poor karaoke chic & trying to pick a song. I end up choosing something I used to rock back in the day & in this current day - I don't really remember. Ugh. I really hurt my chances now. Thank god I laid down a mean version of "Baby Got Back" earlier in the evening....

So, we'll see, folks. The odds are good that I at least took one of the three prizes. But had I been able to unload my AMAZING, personalized version of "Long Train Running" - I would have been sporting the Grand Prize Tiara for SHIZ. xokat