Friday, June 19, 2009


I was coming on here to brag about our awesome friends and our kick-dat-ass music video shoot... and I must say - I'm DAMN PROUD of my biz-naz partna in crime! She beat me to it. Well, she was running and I was walking... on my HANDS!!! :D

The things I'm most boastful of: 1). the amount of really hot girls we had in the shoot. 2). the amount of really hot guys we had in the shoot 3). the fact that we even had really hot crew guys. 4). the roommate of the chic we were borrowing the house of - hot. 5) the three cats living across the street, crazy harem style - super hot.

2 nonconsecutive days of incessant fun and laughter. Having a comedy website in LA while you work another job to pay the bills... it's pretty f'in bad ass. I love everyone. All of our fans. peace. FreshK

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