Thursday, November 20, 2008

Club CLOSER!!!

I'm really stoked about this... I live in LA. In LA, clubs close at 2AM... sure, if you're P-Diddy or work at the Playboy Mansion, there might be after-parties for you. In general, bars stop serving alcohol at 2AM, therefore, LA shuts down at 2AM. (late night eateries that serve food which will soon be regurgitated not included) Well... my friends... guess where I was tonight?? And don't say New York!! Hecks no! My fine ass was in Miami!!! And guess who, at 4:20 (happy bday Char), asked what time it was from a new safe buddy we acquired on the dance floor called Kevin?? Me. And guess what time it happened to be when I asked him what time it was...?? 4:20. There and then - I knew Su and I were destined for greatness! No way shall I be partying in Miami, where the clubs stay open til 5, and not close the shite down!!! Although our feet were considered crippled in some cultures (the shoe choices were "made in vain", if you know what I mean), we fought on. The lights came up at five 'til and I felt amazing... I did it. Me. A lame, laid-back "LA" girl waved goodbye to her Miami minions... ponytail frizzed, knees wobbling, clothes stretched out from sweat. Su by my side (world's best SoFlo dancing wingwoman). It's official & it's current. I'm going to bed now. I love you all in SoCal... next additional rental to add to the list of residencies - South Beach. xokat

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