Saturday, December 6, 2008

Go VOLS!!! Regardless of how bad you SUCK!

As I prep mentally for the humiliation that is to come... at least I know I have a nice ass. I mean seriously - I am about to take a shower & suit up in all SORTS of Tennessee gear and then walk the walk into Big Wang's North Hollywood to watch the SEC Championship game. We're 3-5 in the conference this year... 5-7 over all. Shit. I even painted my fingernails UT orange. If you know anything about college sports... UT orange is the most offensive color in existence.

I've got it all! The repulsive just-lighter-than-hunter-orange Tennessee hat. The camouflaged for shootin' Tennessee tee. The "Smokey for President" hoody (do you spell it with an ie if you're a girl?). I even have real, Tri-City crafted FISHING LURE EARRINGS! And I know the fight song... Oh I KNOW Rocky Top! And don't think for a second, when Bama is SCHOOLIN' the fuck outta the Gators (please god!) I won't be singing it all the way to the end zone!

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top
Half bear the other half Kat (that's me!)
Wild as a mink but sweet as soda pop
I still dream about that!

Fair Weather Fan I am NOT!
SEC til I die!
V-O-L-S go VOLS GO!!! xokat

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