Thursday, March 12, 2009

May the best Fluffer Win!

My unofficial definition of "Fluffer" is someone who keeps the man excited so that that his interest is peeked for the climatic scene.
In the entertainment business of LA we can use this term more broadly. I had an interview today where I simply told the plain truth and did not try to "sell" myself, and infact was quite modest about what assets I have available that I could bring to the table. Dumb. This business requires that you be a good sales person and braggadocios bravado is KEY! I need to learn to "gild the lilly," as it were, and talk myself up! I have another interview lined up so, although my practice run may have been a bit nieve, I have been listening to 80's Gangsta Rap for the past six hours straight so that I can tell that mutha-f*cka what a fly-bitch I am and then pop my glock(?), slap that pimp in the face and tell him I don't even need his busted-ass!... But I will sign on the dotted line for the right amount of cheddar.

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greg said...

is there going to be a separate website where you review LA Happy Hour Bars/Restaurants?